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Remembrance & Hope :: LUCA

In September we lit a candle for Luca.  It has been seven years and in some ways I thought that it would be easier when his day comes around so many years later, but the more that time passes the more I am left wondering what he would have been like today.  My almost seven years old running and playing with his siblings.  What would his interests be?  His eyes, his smile, his laugh?

Today I am writing and sharing over at Holy Beautiful and reflecting on this journey.  I hope you will join me over there as we remember our angels.

Hope From The Broken :: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

The Broken Beautiful Ellie Holcomb

 *  *  *

For Luca

Lighting a candle to remember today,
A tiny boy who was here for a moment, but who couldn’t stay.

We remember my love, and we will never forget,
The sad day you came, but had already left.

Though seven years have passed today,
It does not make any of this easier to say,

I love you my darling, and I wish you could be,
Here in this moment with your family.

We love you, sweet Luca, you will always be,
Our beautiful angel, who one day we’ll see,

On the other side of this brief moment in time we call life,
This moment where we feel so deeply the hurt and the strife.

But there I will hold you and kiss your sweet face,
And my heart will no longer carry a trace,

Of the sadness and grief I still feel today,
When remembering the day you came, but couldn’t stay.

Love, Mommy

With Love,