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Fall-ing Away

I’m finally layering in little touches of fall decor around the house, and taking the time to nurture my home and simultaneously a part of my heart again. It feels like it’s been a spell since I truly nurtured my home, but that can happen when your heart feels overwhelmed and overburdened, so I am both physically and emotionally embracing the gentle falling away of the old and a season of preparation and nurturing for the chapters that lay ahead.

I must be on the right track because even my loves are sensing the shift and are loving the return of the little touches around the home and in our daily rhythm that used to flow so naturally from me, but that seemed to be wilted for a time. And while I have berated myself and bemoaned the off feeling that I had for some time, they have never breathed a word. But I can see their excitement and their genuine pleasure at seeing the return and it makes me so happy.

Fall is a good time of year to let things go, and prepare the ground for something new. What are you letting go? What are you making room for? Is there anything that you are returning to that your heart has really missed? Or is it time for new pursuits all together?

Warmly and With Love,



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Still Life : Musings on Home

Wonder in the small things and a little study in the art of still life. Isn’t it funny how a bowl of fruit can brighten a table and the mood so effortlessly. Cherishing the slow and simple moments of home these days. There is enough rushing and striving when we step outside of these walls that I want to be intentional about creating an atmosphere of calm and peace within them. Especially since, as a homeschooling family, we do such much of our life here that it can easily become chaotic and stressful. Piles of books, stacks of papers, random math sheets, half finished projects strewn in odd corners. Clutter makes it hard for me to think, to create, to rest.

But I want home to still feel like home, a refuge, the place you can release your stresses, celebrate your greatest joys, cry your eyes out when you need to, and know that you are safe and loved. And no, it doesn’t have to look like a magazine, and it doesn’t have to be picture perfect.

Atmosphere and hospitality, they aren’t embodied in the china you use or don’t, or in the chicness of your decor, in how cleverly you have repurposed those old shutters, or how perfectly you have picked out those paint colours, even those are lovely pursuits that I also love and that feed a creative side of me (okay not the repurposed shutters, that’s not my gift). No, atmosphere and hospitality are grounded by the people within those homes. It is how we speak to one another, how we nurture others and create space and room in our lives for them, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. It is the feeling you get when you know that you are welcome, wanted, and cherished. I pray daily that my kids remember and think of home this way. So that even when they are grown and off pursuing their own dreams that they will always think of the nourishment and life that flowed from home, and perhaps remember the rest and stillness, even amidst the occasional chaos and laundry piles.



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Dancing with Daffodils

With all the blooming happening out of doors, it seems the polite and neighbourly thing to do to invite Spring indoors as well!

Some glimpses of the daffodils and spring decor currently brightening things up inside our home!

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth

The afternoon light pours into my dining room in the most beautiful ways! I love my kitchen and back patio in the mornings and my dining room in the afternoons. Always chasing the light, I suppose! And in the glow of the afternoon sun the daffodils really shine.


She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,

She wore her greenest gown;

She turned to the south wind

And curtsied up and down.

She turned to the sunlight

And shook her yellow head,

And whispered to her neighbor:

“Winter is dead.

A.A. Milne

And yes, what can I say, I love lace and old fashioned linens and dark woods and gold gilded frames! Traditional yet eclectic probably describes my style best. But it makes me happy and feels cozy, and I love cozy best of all!

Happy Spring!

With love,


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Weekend Spring Brunch

Well hello there, March!! Goodness we are glad to see you!

Here in our neck of the woods, visions of spring are bursting everywhere these days! And we are hopeful that our “monsoon” season has passed!

With such beauty and warmth calling our names, and beckoning us to come out and soak it all in, it seemed that an outdoor spring brunch was called for!

It was truly a rare Saturday, where my husband and I were childless and commitment free for the morning and after running some errands we decided that the day called for a real brunch and some slowing down and savouring of the beauty of the day.

Some time ago we discovered a Gordon Ramsey recipe for scrambled eggs, which has since been deemed by the children to be the finest and most delicious way to enjoy a scrambled egg. In fact, on most mornings the request for Ramsey eggs is now par for the course! And of course, I am in full agreement! I’m already an egg lover but these Ramsey eggs have raised the bar!

We paired the eggs with a lovely smoked salmon and probably one of the most flavourful blue cheeses I’ve had in ages, a Kerrygold Cashel Blue. On the side some of my “famous” (at least in this house) Polish potato salad and strawberries. And of course, coffee … in the French Press naturally! I mean if you’re going to go for it, go for it!

So we savoured and talked and laughed and soaked in every minute. And it reminded me of how beautiful it is to watch one season give way to one another. How winter bows out to make way for spring and how much life there is in these simple transitions.

How much joy comes from the savouring of the little changes! The first blossoms and blooms spotted, the first day when windows can be flung open, the first spring walk, where closed toe shoes are optional! Just as in the fall, when we delight in the subtle ways that Autumn begins to paint her vibrant red and gold strokes across the landscape and when Winter blankets us with the glow and sparkle of her first snow, so all these small changes are the beautiful dance, that when savoured, allows us to experience change and growth and loss and release in such profoundly beautiful ways.

And it also reminded me of the Omar Khayyam quote that I love so dearly:

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

I hope that if Spring hasn’t yet sprung where you are that you will be basking in the warmth and sunshine soon! And in the meantime, may we all savour the moment in front of us so that when the time comes we are able to make room for the next season with joy and grace and open arms!

With Love,


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Snow Day!

Snow Days, real honest to goodness snow days, with heaps of snow and air so cold you can see your breath, and most of the city shut down (perhaps even most of the State in our case) don’t happen here often.  So when they do, we celebrate them!  And take lots of photos.  In fact, when we weren’t playing outside ourselves, we were relishing and soaking in the photos of all of our friends and loved ones also playing in the snow around town and around Texas.  And indeed, in all the other parts of the South where snow comes knocking only occasionally and is thus met with shouts of rejoicing and the clamoring of children to throw on their coats and boots and hats as quickly as possible at the risk of missing their chance to build snowmen and throw snowballs.

Snow Day 2018 - 001

Snow in Texas has been on the wishlist of probably half the children I know for months and today a good number of them got their wish.  Our two munchkins were no exception!  The anticipation of the snow kept everyone awake way past any decent bedtime, so I let them sleep in and spent some time on my own quietly relishing the beauty of freshly fallen snow on a January morning.  It was absolutely what a snow loving, Texas dwelling Northerner needed today!

Snow Day 2018 - 003

Snow Day 2018 - 002

Snow Day 2018 - 004

Snow Day 2018 - 007

Snow Day 2018 - 006

And with this deep arctic chill that we seem to be caught in this year, for the first time that I can remember in my nearly thirteen years in Texas, the snow did not melt away by noon or end of day!  The mercury was decidedly set on not rising above freezing all day and it’s no exaggeration to say, baby it’s cold outside, with temperatures hovering at the 15F (-12C) mark!  Brrrr!!

Snow Day 2018 - 013

Snow Day 2018 - 021

Snow Day 2018 - 020

Snow Day 2018 - 012

This snow day has now manifest into a second “snow day.”  Though without more snow accumulation, it is simply a chance for Texans to let the mess on the streets clear.  With weather events like this one coming rarely, we lack the proper infrastructure for clearing roads like they do in other parts of the country where snow and ice are dealt with swiftly and cold temperatures are no excuse for missing school or work.

Snow Day 2018 - 014

Snow Day 2018 - 015

And maybe that’s why we love our snow days so much, because they allow us the room to pause, to play, to relish and soak in the beauty of it all while we can … because believe me by February we will all be plotting out our Spring gardens and no doubt,  back in flipflops and shorts.  Just kidding, there will likely be shorts as of the weekend, short sleeves at the very least!

Snow Day 2018 - 018

In the meantime, snuggle up friends, stay warm, drink hot chocolate or warm tea, eat warm soup or chili or chowder or stew, read good books, play games and cherish the moment!




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Halloween 2017 | Part II | Pirate Captain

Listen!  This girl of mine has so much spunk and moxie!  She is no push over and rocks it out at Taekwondo every week with her power kicks and fierce determination and discipline.  She is this amazing blend of kindness and courage.  And that usually means that her costume choices are always interesting and you can never tell which direction they will take, as we saw when she wanted to be Red Riding Hood one year and then next decided to be The Wolf!

This year she decided that a Pirate Captain was the way to go!  And friends, not just a Pirate, but to be clear, a Pirate Captain.  Because if she was going to be a pirate, we both agreed that she wouldn’t just be some random pirate, but the Captain.  She’s a boss lady already.  For the past two years she always says to me, “Mommy, let’s be boss ladies together, okay?” Indeed!

#bossladies #warriorwomen #girlstrong



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Halloween 2017 | Part I | Kakashi Sensei

Alas, another year has passed in the blink of an eye!  I have missed this space and am returning this month to regular blogging here.  But for today, I return with our annual Halloween costume photo shoots.  This year has been a big year for Japanese Anime at our house, at least for my son.  And so here is is as Kakashi Sensei from the anime Naruto.

He finally has an official headband now, but for over a year he has made DIY versions using old soda cans and perfected his prototypes meticulously.  It was so fun to see his joy to have the real deal.  And he worked so hard on making sure we got as many details of the Kakashi character right as possible.  I love to watch my kids really get into character!  And let’s face it, we love a good photo shoot around here … did I say that last year? I probably did! It’s still true this year.

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!



P.S. For reference, the original Kakashi Sensei

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