Autumn’s Glow

Subtle waves of colour have begun to roll across the landscape and the glow of autumn is warming our spirits as the days grow shorter and the nights grow cooler. I never tire of this season and of this glow. And of the ways that daily, in seemingly imperceptible ways, the colours of the season tint the world around us. The forest is slowly beginning to peel back it’s layers and reveal the forest floor, where for the first time in months the critters who live there are more visible in their busyness and work. And the unmistakable honking of geese takes its place amongst the markers of fall. Last night, the scent of fire pits and burn piles wafted through the neighborhood, those scents that immediately transport me to my own childhood and so many sweet memories of autumn traditions.

All of these things feel like nature’s very own way of spreading a hygge-like a blanket over our corner of the world. Cozy and inviting, both welcoming new opportunities and releasing old ones. The very tangible expression of shifts and change and new chapters.

Happy Fall dear friends! I pray you soak it all in and savor every last moment!




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  1. Teresa says:

    My favorite season of the year, hides some mystery . Appreciate your poetry Madziu

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