Coffee Break

I’ve never been a “but first coffee” girl. I enjoy coffee but I don’t *need* it in the mornings to jumpstart my days. That being said, I love the art of coffee. I love a beautiful French press, a nice Chemix, I enjoy the preparation and the serving and the savoring. But as a busy homeschooling mom who works some part time gigs, and juggles other ministries and commitments the notion of savoring is often met with some resistance. Resistance that tends to appear in the form of lack of time and the real culprit … guilt.

Time is at a premium for most of us these days. Working mom, stay at home moms, single, married, we are all swamped and feeling stretched thin. The to-do lists grow longer and the days shorter, we feel like we are constantly playing catch-up.

But the bigger culprit, certainly for me, has always been guilt. Guilt over taking the time to take my time. Imagine all the things that could be accomplished instead. But what if taking the time to savor life, to carve out and cultivate these moments of pleasure and quiet were actually the very things that we need to help us find our bearings in an increasingly fast paced world? What if taking the time to brew the coffee, to pull out the good china, to sit in a favourite corner and slowly savor a cup was what our hearts need to revive our spirits a bit.

The irony is, of course, that it doesn’t really take that much extra time. Just a little extra intention and permission to slow down.

Sometimes I drink coffee and sometimes there is tea, a lovely rooibos or an Earl Gray. It’s not the drink itself that makes the difference. It isn’t even the China, although it is certainly a love language of mine. It is the act of the pause. The recognition that even adults need a recess of sorts. It is the art of the ritual that nourishes as much as the coffee or tea, in fact, I would say far more.

What are your favourite nourishing rituals?



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