January Skies | Audacious Hope

Oh, these January skies! We won’t be getting snow here in our part of Texas, at least not today, but this is definitely our rainy season. And in Texas, January rains mean lots of green and flowers come the end of February. Though I’ll tell you right now … I have some daffodils and hyacinth bulb greens starting to poke their green leafy tips courageously out of the ground! Which is, of course, an exciting development, and brave indeed considering our recent freezes. But nature seems relentless in her hope for brighter and warmer days. There are already patches of vibrant green grass beginning to spread across my yard, and I noticed that my hydrangeas have started to bud a little.

Even in the midst of the dark, cold, gray and rainy days, Nature is preparing for Spring. There beneath the earth, out of sight, seemingly dormant, nature quietly plots her course. Working diligently, keeping her head down, so to speak. She seems undeterred and unmoved by the raging storms outside. Apparently unconcerned with the forecast or the results. When a tree, a seed, or a plant doesn’t bloom come spring, she doesn’t give up, she blooms elsewhere with even greater gusto. She knows how to stay the course while rolling with the punches.

Hope. A never ending, relentless hope. Brave and gutsy, pretty audacious in fact. Not bad traits to channel. Especially if the New Year has thrown you some curve balls, or if you find yourself wondering how or if you will ever bloom. Fear not! You are not merely one flower with one chance, but rather a whole forest, meadow or garden with countless opportunities to bloom and grow. Countless opportunities to be pruned back, to rest and to begin again. Countless opportunities to shine and bring warmth, joy, light, and beauty to the world. You are not too late, you have not missed your chance, your creator has not abandoned you in the muck and the mire. Of this I am sure, even as I preach it to myself!

So here’s to sinking our roots deep, and being audacious with our hope and courage. To staying to course even when life’s storms rage and shake us. Heads down to work, but chin up friends, always chin up!

Warmly and With Love,


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