Halloween 2018|Part II|Hermione Granger

I know I say this every year but this girl of mine, she is fierce and brave, kind and smart as all get out! So I was thrilled when she asked to be Hermione Granger for Halloween this year. I think she nailed it … sass, bossiness, and spunk included!  I love her spirit, her confidence, and how comfortable she with who she is.

Halloween 2018 - Sonya - 006 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 003 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 007 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 005 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 004 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 001 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 008 - CRHalloween 2018 - Sonya - 009 - CR

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween!



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  1. Patty Jager says:

    Oh yes. She did nail it! Her expression in that last photograph was so Sonya. She is growing so fast and she just gets prettier every year.

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    1. She is growing super fast! It’s wild! She was just a baby when we moved from Austin! Time flies so fast!


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