Small Treasures

This special surprise greeted me in the kitchen this morning!! My kid is amazing! Not just because he made this, which is super cool! But because he has this heart of gold! It is so very much the little things you all! He probably couldn’t have imagined how much seeing that he made this for me touched my heart. It is not a special day, it is just Friday.

I cherish so much that he knows how to express love and that he loves to make things. He is constantly carving, constructing, reverse engineering and making things. Some days the glue gun and popsicle sticks and carving wood, the paper and the electrical tape, oh heavens the electrical tape, the crazy glue, the bits of straws and half used cardboard boxes that I’m forbidden to get rid of, strewn in all corners of my house and especially my kitchen drive me crazy!

But this morning this little gift not only stopped me in my tracks because of its love and kindness, but because it reminded me that all these “messes”, they are so important. They are the building blocks of creativity, of problem solving, of trial and error and trying again. They are the very sacred messes of childhood, and of the journey to adulthood, and of being a way-maker and a problem solver, a creator, and an innovator. And that mingled in the passion for creativity is the desire to share that joy with those you love. As I hold this keychain in my hand today, I am humbled yet again that I get to be his mom, and that I have the joy and honour of seeing him daily grow into a fine young man. Yes, dear friends, it is so very much the little things.



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  1. Teresa oslizlok says:

    You really touch my heart with sharing such a amazing moment of loving mother that give it all to race whole and well thoughtful children❤️ Teresa

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