Still Life : Musings on Home

Wonder in the small things and a little study in the art of still life. Isn’t it funny how a bowl of fruit can brighten a table and the mood so effortlessly. Cherishing the slow and simple moments of home these days. There is enough rushing and striving when we step outside of these walls that I want to be intentional about creating an atmosphere of calm and peace within them. Especially since, as a homeschooling family, we do such much of our life here that it can easily become chaotic and stressful. Piles of books, stacks of papers, random math sheets, half finished projects strewn in odd corners. Clutter makes it hard for me to think, to create, to rest.

But I want home to still feel like home, a refuge, the place you can release your stresses, celebrate your greatest joys, cry your eyes out when you need to, and know that you are safe and loved. And no, it doesn’t have to look like a magazine, and it doesn’t have to be picture perfect.

Atmosphere and hospitality, they aren’t embodied in the china you use or don’t, or in the chicness of your decor, in how cleverly you have repurposed those old shutters, or how perfectly you have picked out those paint colours, even those are lovely pursuits that I also love and that feed a creative side of me (okay not the repurposed shutters, that’s not my gift). No, atmosphere and hospitality are grounded by the people within those homes. It is how we speak to one another, how we nurture others and create space and room in our lives for them, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. It is the feeling you get when you know that you are welcome, wanted, and cherished. I pray daily that my kids remember and think of home this way. So that even when they are grown and off pursuing their own dreams that they will always think of the nourishment and life that flowed from home, and perhaps remember the rest and stillness, even amidst the occasional chaos and laundry piles.



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