Fairy Tale Snow Day

So miracles do happen!!  And once in a blue moon East Texas gets SNOW!!!  And here’s the thing … we didn’t just get snow … we got the most beautiful, breathtaking, magical, big fluffy snowflakes gently falling, fairy tale snow!!  We are giddy and just beside ourselves with excitement!

And of course, everything is shut down (because let’s be honest, we have zero infrastructure for these kinds of shenanigans) so everyone’s social media is photo bombed with snow from Texas because we are experiencing this amazing communal snow day!  I’m pretty sure that today East Texas could literally “break the internet” with our snow photographs … in the most beautiful way!

So I know that up North they are fed up with snow, snow and more snow.  But for the first time in my ten years in Texas I got my wish for a snowy winter’s day.  And when I opened my curtains this morning my heart skipped a beat and I felt like a kid again, racing for jackets and boots … and of course my camera … and hardly able to contain my joy as I rushed outside to capture this moment, to savour this moment, to really be in this moment.  This moment where my beloved forest glows more beautifully than I have ever see it glow before.  I love this forest in every season and today I am so grateful to see it blanketed so magically.

Today I know for sure that ::  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Happy SNOW DAY, East Texas!!!

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 1 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015  :: 2 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 3 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 4 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 5 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 6 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 7 :: Magdalena Altnau

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Patty Jager says:

    I feel the beauty of your words and images. My dear Canadian friend, I’m so, so happy that you got your snowy day. Just hearing the childlike joy in your voice this morning made my day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts.


    1. Thank you, Patty! You are so sweet!


  2. teresa says:

    Feels like enchanted forest,love it. I have to also comment , on the new ,classic look . Teresa


  3. Mark says:

    Hi Daughter and Family -I see, You like snow -please consider moving back to Canada we have it more than enough for all Texas and more -and I could see my grandchildren every day-so Yes -maybe?
    I had to try -I know You love Texas .
    Happy snow day it will melt soon.


    1. This snow was a special gift, to be sure 🙂 And I miss you guys always … are you sure you don’t want to retire in Texas? A lot less shoveling then you have, for sure 😉 You could have snow one day and flip-flops the next! Kocham!!


  4. Dianne Altnau says:

    I too am happy you got to experience this rather rare phenomenon here in east Texas, wish we could have been in town to see the kids excitement, but your beautiful photos will have to suffice, enjoyed your blog and hopefully this won’t be the last time!


    1. The pictures will last a lot longer then the snow 😉 Sorry you missed it too! Maybe next year! Here’s hoping!


  5. Ania says:

    It really looks like a storybook 🙂 So glad you guys got to enjoy such a treat and that you got your winter wish 🙂 It’s clear how much you love and miss it. It’s almost like your love and longing for winter pulled the snow your way 🙂 Hope you guys continue to miss it and that it pulls you up North for more visits. Warm hugs from Canada 🙂


    1. It was a gift … it felt like a little wink from the heavens 🙂 And now back to planning my veggie garden! Big hugs! Stay warm!! I know it is frightfully cold in Ontario these days … I may have forgotten what that kind of cold feels like 🙂 Kocham!


  6. Mindy says:

    Such pretty snow pictures! Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had such a mild winter – no snow and not even much rain (which is unheard of here!). Visiting today from #the4500 – nice to meet you : )


    1. Thanks for visiting, Mindy! It been an interesting winter to be sure … we probably won’t see snow like this again for a very long time here in East Texas! Hope you all get some rain!

      I’ve been enjoying your posts over on your blog … will pop over more formally in a little bit 🙂 Go Team #the4500!


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