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Fairy Tale Snow Day

So miracles do happen!!  And once in a blue moon East Texas gets SNOW!!!  And here’s the thing … we didn’t just get snow … we got the most beautiful, breathtaking, magical, big fluffy snowflakes gently falling, fairy tale snow!!  We are giddy and just beside ourselves with excitement!

And of course, everything is shut down (because let’s be honest, we have zero infrastructure for these kinds of shenanigans) so everyone’s social media is photo bombed with snow from Texas because we are experiencing this amazing communal snow day!  I’m pretty sure that today East Texas could literally “break the internet” with our snow photographs … in the most beautiful way!

So I know that up North they are fed up with snow, snow and more snow.  But for the first time in my ten years in Texas I got my wish for a snowy winter’s day.  And when I opened my curtains this morning my heart skipped a beat and I felt like a kid again, racing for jackets and boots … and of course my camera … and hardly able to contain my joy as I rushed outside to capture this moment, to savour this moment, to really be in this moment.  This moment where my beloved forest glows more beautifully than I have ever see it glow before.  I love this forest in every season and today I am so grateful to see it blanketed so magically.

Today I know for sure that ::  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Happy SNOW DAY, East Texas!!!

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 1 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015  :: 2 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 3 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 4 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 5 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 6 :: Magdalena Altnau

Fairy Tale Snow 2015 :: 7 :: Magdalena Altnau