The Last of Summer

It’s that time of year again … my favourite time of year … FALL!

Of course, here in East Texas that doesn’t always mean the same thing that it means in other regions.  Our leaves haven’t started changing much this year.  But a cool front is sweeping in this morning and will hopefully bring with it some lovely chilling air that might coax those brilliant reds and oranges out.

A couple of weeks ago however, the weather was perfect outside and though not “fall-ish” by Fall standards, certainly a break from the Texas heat.  We spent a beautiful afternoon outside enjoying the breeze and what was no doubt some of the last of the summer beauty in the forest.  Today I look out into the woods and I can see as the peeling back of layers has begun.  The rich, lush green has begun to fade and our forest prepares itself for this next season.  Soon we will actually find ourselves rushing outdoors more often and for much longer as fall and winter bring temperatures that beckon longer hours spent in the fresh air.

Our forest in all its summer glory ... and the last time we will see it so lush until next year.
Our forest in all its summer glory … and the last time we will see it so lush until next year.

The littlest among us is already eager to start collecting leaves, acorns and pine cones.  She marvels at each leaf, at its colour and shape.  She is awed by the uniqueness of each leaf and thrilled at the discovery of each acorn she stumbles upon.  In our very own yard the treasures abound, and I never tire of seeing the world through my children’s fresh eyes.
Collecting Treasues

Her biggest concern is that the lawn mower might get to her leaves before she can collect them all.  I try explaining that soon all the leaves in this oh-so-full forest will be hers for the taking but she is three and she is more concerned with the present moment and diligently continues her gathering.

Collecting Treasures

Collecting Treasures


Big brother is on the hunt for yellow leaves.  And sticks.  Always sticks. He too is awed by the depth and beauty of the forest.  These are his quiet moments.  Simply being in and with nature.  He has his favourite tree in our yard and he watches it for changes.  It is an oak tree that shoots up high up into the sky, it’s branches layers of canopies that shade us on hot summer days.


Into the Woods

The morning’s thunder storm swept through here fiercely but the air smells fresh and clean.  The wind that rushes through the trees now is bold and strong and the limbs sway and bend to its will.  Windows are finally flung open to allow some fresh air into the house as this first taste of fall trickles in.

I am excited about the coming weeks!  I dream of even cooler mornings, of apple cider and comfort foods and sweater weather.  But today, I am enjoying remembering what a beautiful summer we have had.  And as we say our farewell, I welcome that brisk wind that is hopefully ushering in fall!

Happy Fall to you, where ever you are … may it be a season filled with much wonder and joy and moments of stillness and awe!

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